Dear shooters,


In order to allow a resumption of our sport shooting activities in strict compliance with the decisions taken by the government, we will resume training from June 16, 2021 according to the schedule published on our site.


The shooting range will be accessible to all shooters in compliance with the current Covid-19 rules and regulations.


It should be noted that each shooter wishing to practice sport shooting on our site must have taken note of the measures in force as decided by the Luxembourg government and will ensure that they are applied scrupulously. To this end, we strongly recommend that you take note of said measures by consulting the corresponding legislative texts (in particular the law of June 12, 2021 amending the amended law of July 17, 2020 on measures to combat the Covid-19 pandemic - link to the consolidated french version of 13.6.2021).


Regarding shooters from neighbouring countries, we would like to point out that we do not consider the practice of sports shooting to be an essential activity and constituting a reason for traveling abroad. However, it will be up to you to assess this motivation at its true value given the current pandemic.


Please note that during these training sessions, the refreshment bar will remain closed and no catering or drinking will be possible. Only access to the clubhouse will be limited to the lavatories and to recharge the training card.


In addition, no spectator will be allowed on the site and any unauthorized person will be immediately requested to leave the premises.


In the event of non-compliance with the instructions of the supervisory staff, we will be forced to expel the shooter in question from the stand with immediate effect.


In addition, in the event of excessive crowds, the supervisory staff will be forced to ask the shooters to leave the scene without them having been able to participate in the training.


While apologising for the sharp effect of these unfortunately necessary measures, we thank you in advance for your collaboration and your discipline in this situation which remains difficult and which requires the commitment of all of us.


Yours sincerely, CTFS Differdange