Our shooting range is surrounded by nature and a gorgeous place to be.  

If you see this sign, you have nearly made your journey to the shooting range !

In order to reach the shooting range by car, please follow the A4 motorway in direction of Esch/Alzette and take the exit « Pétange Differdange ».

Follow the A13 for approximately 10 km and take the exit « Niedercorn Differdange » (Exit N° 2). Turn left at the exit and follow the road until you reach a roundabout.

Take the third exit on the roundabout (you will have a bakery at you right-hand side) and follow that road (as it twill be climbing) for a couple of kilometres. You will pass three junctions (the last one leading to a car park) until you reach a crossroad with road signs indicating « Lasauvage » straight ahead and « Differdange » and « Hussigny » to your left.

Follow the direction « Hussigny » (so take left) and at approximately 500 meters you will the road sign shown above. 

Turn right and follow that road into the wood until it ends. You will have reached the shooting ground.

The phone number of the shooting ground is: +352()691910315